These days, in the new music Indie-stry, It’s all about discovery…The artist discovering their audience, and the audience discovering the artist. In the day of the DIY artist (Doing It Yourself), the process can be slow and daunting. Most artists have no plan when it comes to marketing their music. Many give up because they are not having the impact they hoped and prayed for. That’s a shame and it grieves God’s heart!

If there were only a way to reach tons of people who were interested in learning about new artists, who were decision makers in the music industry, who booked artists for concerts, who played indie music on their radio stations, who wanted to listen to their music….

The great news is this…

Enter Indie Impact!
Over the past 20 years, Indie Impact has cultivated relationships with thousands of people through their Indieheaven organization. (Indie Impact is the promotional division for Indie Heaven)  IH president, Keith Mohr has an email list that is extensive and valuable. So valuable that companies like Disc Makers, Video Blocks, Graphic Stock and others have marketed their products and services to this list and seen huge response!

The lists are broken down into sections.. Fans, Industry, Radio, Churches, Festivals, Camps, and totals about 75,000 people! This is a fresh list, subscribers can opt out, and undeliverables are purged from the list. We also add new people to our list all the time!

Here’s Our Plan!
Indie Impact will work with you to create an email blast press release that is sent out to our lists. In the blast, we’ll include a link to drive people to a page here on Indie Impact where people can learn more about you and your music. Your page with your information will remain on Indie Impact forever!

btw…this opportunity is open to ALL indie artists. You do not need to be a member of Indieheaven (But why wouldn’t you be? Learn more here)

Here’s Our Offer!
Here’s the great part! The service are very affordable!  Reaching all these people for a small  investment is a great deal! It’s literally pennies for each contact! Other public relation companies charge thousands of dollars for an email blast to their much smaller list. Not Indie Impact! We know how hard it is to accomplish your mission!

If you would like to learn more about our service and the cost, contact us and we’ll make arrangements for your personal press release E-Blast.

I just want to say how much I appreciate your efforts. You are always doing something, trying something new, giving us the indie artist something new on the cutting edge. Man, please hear my heart when I say “I really appreciate you.” Yes, I’d like to get in on this offer. Not only is this a good investment for my ministry, but it is for yours too. Because you are a ministry to the Christian Indie Artist. Thanks. ~ Mo Howard

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